The HighScope Portugal training you can do is guided by you. There is no one better than each one of us to know what we need and what motivates us in the moment we decide to invest in our education.

According to the program developed by HighScope Portugal, we propose a Step-by-Step training program.

HighScope Portugal’s training offers new perspectives on education and provides you with concrete “tools” to implement in your practice. Step by step you will feel that your day gains a different meaning, a different intentionality, and that children become a central part of the teaching-learning process.

The implementation of an active leaning approach is advocated for by the Education Ministry, such that there is no incompatibility with the Ministry’s program or proposed textbooks. 

Theme suggestions to start your HighScope Portugal journey:

What the active learning approach proposes is a way of learning oriented towards today that is extremely attractive to children, as it brings together their desire to act with the construction of their knowledge.

HighScope Portugal has developed partnerships with some institutions or centers to take part in the process of improving the country’s education quality.

If you have a group of 10 or more people interested in training, contact HighScope Portugal so we can organize a workshop on your chosen topic.

To participate in some of the workshops you do not need to implement or want to implement the HighScope Portugal approach; several of the topics covered can be implemented in other approaches based on child’s development theory.


Active Learning

What are the 5 active learning ingredients?
Start a HighScope thought that you may use throughout the day with the children.

How children learn with HighScope

Set worksheets aside and find an attractive, ludic, and very effective way of learning with any child.


This is one of the keys to HighScope’s success, practice the essential elements of a positive interaction.

Observe and register

Begin observation and record training, which will make your plan, review, and assessment easier.

Daily Routine Times – introduction

Take a round through the Daily Routine – what it’s made of and how to start it.

How to implement HighScope in the 1st Cycle

Children’s day becomes truly unforgettable, and teachers can take an in-depth approach to every single one of the Education Ministry’s curriculum points

Key Development Indicators

An essential tool to implement HighScope. See how to use it every day.

Space and material organization

The way in which the space and materials are organized and chosen for each area has a great impact in how children and adults behave. Rethink your space or start a quality space created with intent.


Fundamental tips to practice it.
If you have decided to start implementing the approach or review the way you implement it, this workshop will be very useful for your day.

Small-Group Time and Large-Group Time

Learn what these are and how to implement the basic elements of each one of these times in a HighScope routine.

Transition Times

Small tips that work in your favor! Transition times may be a headache or a very fun and didactic moment. HighScope has developed specific strategies for this time.

6 steps to problem solving

When children play together, conflicts happen. With 6 steps you can contribute in a very positive way to solve a problem.

PQA – Program Quality Assessment

PQA is essential in the program’s implementation and enables you to understand what you can implement and show you the next steps. It is an instrument validated by the scientific community with universal applicability.

If you have already started a HighScope journey and now want to get more detailed and in-depth training for a more consistent practice, ask for more information about the internationally certified HighScope Teacher Course.